Organisation Advocating Support Income Studies in Australia

Oasis-Australia had a lone web site voice promoting Basic Income Support in Australia. For many years, Allan McDonald has promoted Basic Income on his OASIS-Australia web site (Organisation Advocating Support Income Studies in Australia). Allan intends to cut back the amount of time he spends campaigning, and thus decrease his involvement. He will pass his historical material, and any new material, across for inclusion on this newer BIGA web site to maintain continuity.

Allan signed off in the final newsletter of OASIS-Australia (Organisation Advocating Support Income Studies in Australia) (PDF, 32KB).

Allan McDonald has subsequently issued a July 2005 Oasis Australian newsletter on IR changes (PDF, 30KB) which also looks at income security for those not working. An extract from the newsletter follows:

Convener: Allan McDonald

Newsletter July 2005

The implications of the proposed changes to industrial relations legislation announced by the Australian Federal Government have prompted this revival of the OASIS-Australia Newsletter. This response introduces two concepts which I believe provide the basis for a new approach, and a new prespective to the proposed changes. The present debate must continue. Is there a place for the ideas put forward in this newsletter? I will appreciate your comments.

In 2006 Allan McDonald created a new website: Australia in the 21st Century: Is Democracy at Risk? consisting of four parts:

  1. Seven early essays.
  2. ongoing Bush Pub Philosophy.
  3. various papers relating to Democracy at risk.
  4. papers relating to a national dividend.

Allan would appreciate site visitors and contributary papers.

Recent Oasis Newsletters

Allan McDonald's An Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued July 2005 (PDF, 24KB) on employment and superannuation

Allan McDonalds Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued 30th July 2005 (PDF, 24KB) continues the discussion on Howards Proposed IR Laws.

Allan McDonald continues his Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued 14th August 2005 (PDF, 24KB) on Howard's proposed IR Laws.

Allan McDonald continues his Oasis Australia Newsletter Series November 2005 (PDF, 23KB) on IR 'reform' by the Howard Govt.

Allan McDonald continues his Industrial Reform (IR) discussion with three futher offerings: Oasis Australia Newsletter January 2006 (PDF, 19KB), A futher IR Oasis article in January 11th 2006 (PDF, 20KB) followed by another January 14th 2006 (PDF, 18KB). Another Oasis update on labour market restructuring was issued January 21st 2006 (PDF, 17KB). Allan has issued another IR Oasis newsletter for 20th May 2006 (PDF, 17KB). Allan McDonald has issued an Oasis Newsletter, June 2006 (PDF, 22KB) winding up his series on workplace industrial relations reform in Australia and seeking feedback to his Draft submission to the new Commonwealth Fair Pay Commission.

Original Oasis Australia Web Site Articles

A selection of original Oasis Australia web site articles may be viewed here individually:

Some recent OASIS-Australia articles of interest have been reproduced on these pages and may be accessed via the Items of Interest and About Basic Income pages. Much of the early Oasis-Australia material, from 1989 onward appears in the BIGA Historical Items. The search box in top-right corner of this page will also assist to locate earlier OASIS-Australia articles.

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