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A selection of Basic Income literature, both historic and contemporary, is being developed here, catalogued under Authors names, from A to Z.

ABC RADIO (1990). Morning Show (2CN, ABC Radio), 4 Jan. 1990 1: (PDF, 30KB) TITLE: ACT Council of Social Services President John Tomlinson claims the complicated nature of our social security system is hindering people from obtaining their full entitlements. A simpler social security system is suggested, whereby a minimum income is guaranteed regardless of other income earned which would be taxed. SPEAKERS: John TOMLINSON – President, ACT Council of Social Security. REPORTERS: Julie DARRETT.

ACOSS. (1975). Guaranteed Minimum Income: Towards the development of a policy (PDF, 185KB). Published by the ACOSS task group on Guaranteed Minimum Income, Sydney. (Note that these views may not concur with current ACOSS policy).

ACOSS. (1975) Proceedings of a seminar on Guaranteed Minimum Income held by the Australian Council of Social Service, (PDF, 3MB) with an Introduction Address by the then Minister for Social Security in the Hawke Government; the Hon Bill Hayden. Sydney, May 1975.

ACOSS. (1976) Poverty Commission's Guaranteed Minimum Income Proposals - Questions and Issues Raised (PDF, 87KB). Published by the ACOSS Economic and Social Welfare Committee's task group on Guaranteed Minimum Income, Sydney. (Note that these views may not concur with current ACOSS policy).

Andrew, Merrindahl. (2001) "WELFARE TO WORK" AND BEYOND: Social Security and the Changing Labour Market. (PDF, 405KB) An Honours thesis submitted by Merrindahl Andrew in November 2001 to the School of Social Science, Faculty of Arts, Australian National University, Canberra.

Atkinson, A. B. (2000). The Case for a Participation Income (PDF, 943KB) in Goodin, Robert E. and Mitchell, Deborah, The foundations of the welfare state volume I, Cheltenham, Glos: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc, pp.459-462.
Library Note: This portion is part of a larger pager range: Pp 109 - 118; 221 - 258 and 459 - 462 +

Australian Government's Commission of Inquiry into Poverty 1975 report Poverty in Australia includes Chapter 6: Income Support: A Guaranteed Income Scheme (PDF, 349KB) as well as Appendix 6: The Incidence Of Guaranteed-Income Schemes (PDF, 706KB)

Benn, Concetta. (1980) Social Change and Innovation in Welfare (PDF, 2MB). Connie Benn presented this paper at a conference at Melbourne University July 11th 1980 entitled Poverty, income maintenance and welfare in Australia in the 1980's , in her capacity as Associate Director of Social Policy and Research for the Brotherhood of St. Laurence

Boston, J. and St John, S. (1999). Targeting Versus Universality: Social Assistance for All or Just for the Poor (PDF, 315KB) in Boston, J; Danziel, P and St John, S (eds), Redesigning the welfare state in New Zealand, Auckland: Oxford University, pp.93-113.

Braybrook, I. (1970). Negative income tax in Australia (PDF, 404KB) Australian Journal of Social Issues, 5 (2), 120-130.
Lecturer Note: Another very early article on income guarantees in Australia

Briggs, Asa. (2000). The Welfare State in Historical Perspective (PDF, 943KB) in Goodin, Robert E. and Mitchell, Deborah, The foundations of the welfare state volume III, Cheltenham, Glos: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc, pp.221-258.
Library Note: Chapter 1 This portion is part of a larger pager range: Pp 109 - 118; 221 - 258 and 459 - 462

Cassassas, David. Raventos, Daniel and Julie Wark (2005) Basic income for East Timor? an exploratory report. (PDF, 120KB) Contacts;; (see also the Haarmann BI resource book for Namibia at Linked to another web site )

Cassassas, David; Raventos, Daniel and Wark, Julie (2007) Basic Income and the right to existence in Timor-Leste (PDF, 89KB). A paper for the European Association for South-East Asian Studies 5th Conference Naples, 12-15 September 2007

Castles, F. (2001). A farewell to the Australian welfare state (PDF, 101KB) Eureka Street, 11 (1), 29-31.

Castles, F. (1994). The wage earners welfare state revisited (PDF, 572KB) Australian Journal of Social Issues, 29 (2), 120-145.

Commonwealth of Australia (1975). Possibilities for Social Welfare in Australia (PDF, 2MB) is a 1975 copyright Commonwealth of Australia document, reproduced by permission. The Priorities Review Staff published this review as a contribution toward improving the security of income in Australia.

Commonwealth Institute of Family Studies (1985) Changing the Australian taxation system: towards a family guarantee (PDF, 2MB) A submission to the Economic Planning Advisory Council. Full text doc. "Copyright Commonwealth of Australia reproduced by permission"

Cook, Beth. (2004) Welfare "reform" in Australia, 1975 to 2004: from entitlement to obligation (PDF, 81KB). A paper presented at The 6th Path to Full Employment Conference/ 11th National Unemployment Conference at the University of Newcastle, Dec 8-10. Copies of the refereed conference proceedings are available from CofFEE:

Edwards, Meredith. (1976). A guaranteed income scheme : implications for women (PDF, 323KB) Australian Quarterly, 48 (2 (June)), 74-80.
Lecturer Note: Gender and Income guarantees

Engels, Benno (2006) Old Problem, New Label: Reconstructing the Problem of Welfare Dependency in Australian Social Policy Discourse (PDF, 762KB). in Just Policy journal No 41 September 2006 pp. 5-14.

Franzman, M & Lieberman, S. (2000) BIEN at Berlin 2000 Franzman-Lieberman Saving Citizenship (PDF, 27KB)

Gerritsen, Rolf. (1977). Precis of Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) Issues. (PDF, 79KB) This is a political discussion paper on Basic Income issues written for Tom Uren, Labor's Deputy Leader of the Opposition in 1977.

Goldsmith, Michael: A number of academic authors have provided BIGA with their bibliographies and reading lists on Basic Income and related topics. Michael Goldsmith - University of Waikato (PDF, 96KB).

Green , David. (1983). The attack on the welfare state (PDF, 387KB) Australian Journal of Social Issues, 18 (3), 157-170.
Lecturer Note: Early response to the neo-liberal attack on the Australian welfare state

Greenstuart, Malcolm (2007). Cosmic Green Accounting: Introduction to a BIG Energy Economic System (PDF, 53KB). An interesting paper outlining a form of basic income using tradeable units per Kilowatt-hour (kWh) rather than money .

Godino, Roger. (2000) BIEN at Berlin 2000 Godino R on BI A French Approach (PDF, 24KB)

Goodin, Robert. (2000) Crumbling Pillars Robert Goodin (PDF, 30KB) Via Oasis Newsletter with permission.

Goodin, R. E. (1992). Chapter 12: Towards a Minimally Presumptuous Social Welfare Policy (PDF, 291KB) in van Parijs, P, Arguing for basic income: ethical foundations for a radical reform, London: Verso, pp.195-214.

Government of Ireland (2002). The Government of the Republic of Ireland has published a Green Paper with a view to implementing a Basic Income. Linked to another web site

Haarmann, Claudia and Haarmann, Dirk (2005) The Basic Income Grant in Namibia Resource Book. A well written BI proposal available on line from Linked to another web site (see also the Cassassas article on BI for East Timor at Basic income for East Timor? an exploratory report. (PDF, 120KB) )

Hall, Brett (2006) Universalism versus targeting of income support in Australia (PDF, 31KB)

Hall, Richard. (1975). The poverty of a guaranteed income scheme (PDF, 363KB) The Bulletin, (27th Sept), 25-25.
Lecturer Note: Not everyone thought GMI was a good idea

Harriss, Ian and Robbins, Bill. (2007) From Harvester to Work Choices (PDF, 60KB). A paper presented at 10th Annual Labour History Conference - Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, Melbourne 4-6 July 2007.

Hawke, Anne and Lewis, Donald E. (1989). Evaluation of an Alternative Income Maintenance Scheme for Australia (PDF, 389KB) in SWRC National Social Policy Conference, SWRC, University of NSW, pp.1-21.

Heathershaw , J.T (1935). The invalid and old age pensions act 1908-1935 (PDF, 4MB) Canberra: AGPS. Known as The Little Brown Book, These are the Commonwealth's confidential guidelines and instructions to Deputy Commissioners in the administration of the Invalid and Old Age Pensions Act 1908-1935. It remained in use well into the 1960's.

Heinlein, Robert. A. (2004 - written in 1938-1939) For us, the living: A comedy of customs (PDF, 609KB). This is chapter 10, which outlines and justifies an early basic income Heinlein called a 'dividend or inheritance check' and more formally "a blanket dividend for ones inheritance.

Hogland, M.(2000) BIEN at Berlin 2000 Hoglund on UBI (PDF, 29KB)

Horin, Adele (2005) A Welfare change that will help only the bean counters  Linked to another web site OPINION in Sydney Morning Herald July 30 2005. Howards plan to place single mothers and people with disability into unemployment mutual obligation.

Horne, S. (1970). A comparative note on guaranteed annual income (PDF, 95KB) Australian Journal of Social Issues, 5 (2 (July)), 117-119.
Lecturer Note: One of the very oldest Australian articles on income guarantees.

House of Representatives. (1988). Standing Committee on Community Affairs: Reference: Social Security Advice on Pensions and Benefits (PDF, 72KB). Canberra Wednesday 18 May 1988. Official Hansard Report. John Tomlinson's Witness before the Standing Committee in his capacity of Director, ACT Council of Social Service.

Humphreys, John (2005) Reform 30/30: Rebuilding Australia's tax and welfare system Linked to another web site CIS Policy Monograph 70, 27 pages.

Hutton Will (2002) ABC Background Brief Will Hutton (PDF, 45KB)

Kildal, N et al (2000) BIEN at BERLIN 2000 Extracts from Norway Kildal et al (PDF, 30KB)

Lerner, Sally (2000) BIEN at Berlin 2000 Lerner on UBI Flexibility (PDF, 32KB)

Manning, Ian (1981) An Australian Guaranteed Income Scheme (PDF, 153KB). A paper presented for the workshop on Income Distribution and Redistribution, University of Melbourne, July 31 and August 1, 1981.

Manning, Lowell. (1997) Development of basic income as a response to changes in work, poverty, and the break up of the welfare state: Comprising a brief summary of a thesis by Walter Van Trier "Everyone a king". This paper was prepared for the 1997 New Zealand Conference: Work, Families and the State: Problems and Possibilities for the 21st Century and me be accessed at Linked to another web site

Mathers, A. & Taylor, G. (2000) BIEN at Berlin 2000 Mathers-Taylor Extracts (PDF, 35KB)

Mathews, John. (1986) Rethinking the safety net (PDF, 231KB) Australian Society: a magazine of social issues, (November), 19-21. On Income and work.

Mays, Jennifer (2005) Employment and Disability: Some emerging questions (PDF, 111KB)A paper presented at the December 2005 Unemployment Conference CofFEE, University of Newcastle NSW

Allan McDonald has issued a July 2005 Oasis Australian newsletter on IR changes (PDF, 30KB) which also looks at income
security for those not working: OASIS-Australia. Organisation Advocating Support Income Studies in Australia Convener: Allan McDonald 28 Prince St Urangan Qld. 4655
Tel: 07 4128 9971
Newsletter July 2005

McDonald, Allan (2005) An Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued July 2005 (PDF, 24KB) on employment and superannuation

McDonald, Allan Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued 30th July 2005 (PDF, 24KB) continues the discussion on Howards Proposed IR Laws.

McDonald, Allan continues his Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued 14th August 2005 (PDF, 24KB) on Howard's proposed IR Laws.

McDonald, Allan continues his Oasis Australia Newsletter Issued October 2005 (PDF, 17KB) on Howards controcersial IR Laws

McDonald, Allan (2005-2006) continues his Oasis Australia Newsletter Series November 2005 (PDF, 23KB) on IR 'reform' by the Howard Govt. The full new series may be found under the Oasis Australia section under About BIGA

McDonald, Allan, (1985). Visions of a new society: Would a national support income put an end to unemployment and insecurity? (PDF, 24KB)Australian Society, March 1985, pp. 14-15.

McDonald, Allan, (1986). National Support Income and work for all (PDF, 126KB). TASCOSS Occasional Paper, No 1, June 1986, The Tasmanian Council of Social Service.

McDonald, Allan, (1995). Unemployment Forever or A Support Income System and Work for All (PDF, 505KB). Urangan, Qld. Published and Distributed by A& D McDonald. (Allan advises a few copies of this book, published here as a printer's layout PDF, are still available for the cost of postage from

McDonald, Allan (2000) OASIS Regulated Work Sharing Paper McDonald? (PDF, 24KB)

McDonald, Allan. (2000) Social Coalition Paper January 2000 (PDF, 23KB)

McDonald, Allan (1999) Unemployment Search for a Solution, A. McDonald 1999 (PDF, 54KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000). Universal Income Support Paper 1 of 6 A McDonald (PDF, 31KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000) Universal Income Support Paper 2 of 6 A McDonald (PDF, 54KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000) Universal Income Support Paper 3 of 6 A McDonald (PDF, 30KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000) Universal Income Support Paper 4 of 6 A McDonald (PDF, 25KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000) Universal Income Support Paper 5 of 6 A McDonald (PDF, 23KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000) Universal Income Support Paper 6 of 6 A McDonald (PDF, 26KB)

McDonald, Allan (2000). Employment, Unemployment-Economic Dogma (PDF, 24KB)

McDonald, Allan (2001) Introducing A Support Income System Part 1 Feb 2001 (PDF, 26KB)

McDonald, Allan (2001) Introducing A Support Income System Part 2 May 2001 (PDF, 22KB)

McDonald, Allan (2001) Introducing A Support Income System Part 3 Aug 2001 (PDF, 27KB)

Mc Donald, Allan (2000). A support Income System for Australia April 2000.htm (PDF, 31KB)

McDonald, Allan. (1999). Unemployment (PDF, 70KB) A search for a solution. A discussion paper June 1999.

McDonald, Allan. (1999?) Universal Income Support (PDF, 27KB) Financing Universal Income Support Free of Means Test
This is the 5th paper in a series deals with the cost and financing of a Basic Income Scheme.

Milner, Dennis (1920) Higher Production by a Bonus on National Output. A Proposal for a Minimum Income for All varying with National Income (PDF, 1MB).

Newman, Jocelyn (1999) Australian Government discussion paper on welfare reform The Challenge of Welfare Dependency in the 21st Century (PDF, 65KB)By Senator the Hon Jocelyn Newman Minister for Family and Community Services.

OASIS (2002) OASIS Crossroads ABC Radio Article Will Hutton (PDF, 25KB)

Rankin, Keith. Keith Rankin’s homepage Linked to another web site is Keith's compilation of a series of papers and refereed academic publications on Basic Income on his web page within the UBINZ website. (Universal Basic Income New Zealand).

Daniel Raventos. (2007) Forthcoming Book (October 07) on the state of basic income research today: The Material Conditions of Freedom (PDF, 14KB)(2007) (PDF, 14KB) Click to read Karl Widerquist's introduction, synopsis, content index and availability.

Saunders, Peter. (1987). Guaranteed Minimum Income: Obstacles to income guarantees. (PDF, 55KB) ACTCOSS News, Nov, Dec. ACT Council of Social Services, Canberra.

Schooneveldt, S. (2002). Do the lived experiences of people who have been breached by Centrelink match the expectation and intent of the Howard Government? (PDF, 613KB) Masters Thesis submitted in June 2002 to the School of Humanities and Social Science, Queensland University of Technology, Carseldine, Queensland.

Schooneveldt, S; Tomlinson, J. (2002) Does Receiving a Breach Penalty from Centrelink Coerce Unemployed People to Comply with the Government’s Wishes? (PDF, 97KB) Refereed Paper presented at The 4th Path to Full Employment Conference and the 9th National Conference on Unemployment. 4-6 December 2002 CofFEE Centre of Full Employment and Equity. The University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Schooneveldt, S. (2003). Mediating Welfare Ethics: Selectivity or Universalism? (PDF, 73KB) Paper presented at the Centre for Social Change Research, Queensland University of Technology. November 2003.

Schooneveldt, S. (2003). Unemployment welfare: The underpinning ethics justifying Australia’s enforced categorical Mutual Obligation system compared with those for a Basic Income (PDF, 74KB). Paper presented at the CofFEE Centre of Full Employment and Equity Conference: The Full Employment Imperative, 5th Path to Full Employment and 10th National Conference on Unemployment, 10 – 12 December 2003. The University of Newcastle, NSW. Australia.

Schooneveldt, S. (2004) This article was first published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues Volume 39, No 2 May 2004. Do Mutual Obligation Breach Penalties Coerce Compliance with Government Expectations? (PDF, 87KB)

Seaborne, Linda; and Thorne, Alison (2005) Our common cause: Welfare- to- work punishes the poor. An Article in Green Left Weekly: Linked to another web site

Swift, Jonathan. (2000). A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland, from Being a Burden to their Parents or Country; and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick (PDF, 943KB) (1729) in Goodin, Robert and Mitchell, Deborah, The foundations of the welfare state volume II, Cheltenham, Glos: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc, pp.109-118.
Library Note: This portion is part of a larger pager range: Pp 109 - 118; 221 - 258 and 459 - 462

Poverty Reduction and Welfare Provision for Single Parents in Aotearoa/ New Zealand and the United States: A Comparative Analysis (PDF, 62KB) (2007) Christine Todd. University of Auckland .Paper for USBIG Conference (Feb 2007)

Tomlinson, J. (1978). In Praise of Social Welfare : The Importance of Being Worthy (PDF, 362KB) in Tomlinson, J, Is band- aid social work enough?, Darwin: Wobbly, pp.1-26. (This early article was first published in Semper Floreat in 1973).

Tomlinson, John. (1982). Chapter 4 : Ambrose Bierce Lives (PDF, 948KB) in Social work : community work / [and] betrayed by bureaucracy, Darwin: Wobbly, pp.124-136.
Library Note: This portion is part of the larger page ranges title to 39 and 124 to 136.
Lecturer Note: Some historical GMI material.

Tomlinson, John (1984) presented a paper at the Australian Social Work Education Conference, Launceston July 14-17 entitled The ideological implications inherent in social work: Their relevance to teaching (PDF, 723KB).

Tomlinson, John. (1989). PhD Thesis submitted to Murdoch University, Western Australia: Income Maintenance in Australia: The Income Guarantee Alternative

Tomlinson, John (1991) Work and Income Guarantees (PDF, 55KB) in Journal of Social Alternatives vol 10, issue 3 pp5-8. Click for full article

Tomlinson, John. (1997). ‘There but for the Grace of Wealth Go I’ (PDF, 46KB) . Dependency as well as implying looking to another person or institution for support also means ‘subordination or subjection; (for example) the dependence of the church upon the state’ (Delbridge, et al 1987 p. 476).

Tomlinson, John (1998) The war on poverty (PDF, 73KB). Published in Anarchist Age Monthly Review No 80. July

Tomlinson. John (1999). The Importance of Trust (PDF, 60KB). Paper presented at the 6th National Conference on Unemployment, University of Newcastle, 23&24 September 1999.

Tomlinson, J. (2000). BIGA is proud to advise that John Tomlinson's E-book, Income Insecurity: The Basic Income Alternative published on this site at E-Books, has now been archived in perpetuity by the National Library of Australia in digital form and may also be accessed there at  Linked to another web site.

Tomlinson, John. (2000). ‘One Basic Way to mitigate the effects of Unemployment’ (PDF, 76KB) 7th National Conference on Unemployment University of Western Sydney December 2000

Tomlinson, John. (2001). The Basic Solution to Unemployment (PDF, 139KB). Published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues 2001 Vol. 36, No.3 pp.237-248.

Tomlinson, John. (2001). Income Support for Unemployed People: Human Rights versus Utilitarian Rights (PDF, 86KB). Paper presented at the 8th National Conference on Unemployment, Southern Cross University, Sept 2001.

Tomlinson, John. (2002). ‘A Most Neglected Movement’ (PDF, 21KB). A short article on the early Milner period 1920's.

Tomlinson, John. (2002). ‘An Australian History of Basic Income’ (PDF, 23KB) A short article relating to the Australian Basic Income story.

Tomlinson, J. (2003). From Basic Wage to Basic Income: Work, Unemployment and Justice (PDF, 67KB) A paper presented at the 5th Path to Full Employment Conference and the 10th National Conference on Unemployment, December 2003 at CofFEE, The Centre of Full Employment and Equity, The University of Newcastle, NSW. Australia.

Tomlinson, John. (2003). 'How Dare We' (PDF, 67KB) Paper presented at the 10th National Conference on Unemployment the 5th Path to Full Employment Conference and the 10th National Conference on Unemployment, December 2003 at CofFEE, The Centre of Full Employment and Equity, The University of Newcastle, NSW. Australia.

Tomlinson, John. (2003). The History of Income Insecurity: There is an alternative (PDF, 60KB). A keynote paper given by John Tomlinson at the Queensland State Youth Affairs Network Conference, Mackay April 14th-16th 2003.

Tomlinson, John. (2003) Young people and old struggles (PDF, 85KB). A keynote paper given at the bi-annual Queensland State Youth Affairs Conference, Mackay, April 2003.

Tomlinson, J; Harrington, P; & Schooneveldt, S. (2004). Why Australian Workers and Unions Should Support Basic Income (PDF, 141KB) The journey to a full iniversal Basic Income is essentially the search for the answer to just one question: "How do we best meet the income support needs of all those who find they are without the capacity to provide for themselves?" This paper will try to answer that question.

Tomlinson, John (2005) Building a land fit for heroes On Line Opinion: John Tomlinson argues that the Howard Government is destroying social justice in Australia. Linked to another web site

Tomlinson, John (2005) Disability on Howards 'Animal Farm' On Line Opinion: John Tomlinson argues there should be equality for all, not just the rich. Linked to another web site

Tomlinson, John (2005) Faint praise for a chimera: Selectivity versus universalism in social policy (PDF, 132KB). A paper presented at the December 2005 Unemployment Conference CofFEE, University of Newcastle NSW

Tomlinson, John (2006) Australia: Basic Income and Decency (PDF, 100KB) Paper given at the 11th BIEN Congress, University of Cape Town, in Cape Town, South Africa 2nd-4th November. (Forthcoming in New Community Quarterly, 5 (1), Autumn 2007 pp. 33-41.

Tomlinson, John (2006) "The self made man: admiring his creator": Basic Income beats targetted welfare (PDF, 53KB)New Community Quarterly,4 (4), Summer 2006,pp. 52-55,

Tomlinson, John (1998) The war on poverty (PDF, 73KB). Published in Anarchist Age Monthly Review No 80. July

Tomlinson, John (2005) Must be the grog, can't be the Government (PDF, 235KB). A paper presented at Engaging Communities Conference, Brisbane Australia.

Tomlinson, John (2008) Timor Leste: Minimum wages, job guarantees, social welfare payments or Basic Income. (PDF, 80KB)

Tulloch, Patricia. (1979). Chapter 9 : Guaranteed Income - A Respone to Poverty (PDF, 380KB) in Tulloch, Patricia, Poor policies : Australian income security 1972-77, London: Croom Helm, pp.143-158.
Lecturer Note: Some early thinking on Income guarantees.

Turnbull, Shann (1980). Economic development of aboriginal communities in the Northern territory Canberra: (PDF, 4MB) Australian Governement Publishing Services. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia - reproduced by permission. Library Note: Part 1 : Impact of Mining Royalties.

Turnbull, Shann (1980). Economic development of aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory Canberra: (PDF, 8MB) Australian Government Publishing Service. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia - reproduced by permission. Library Note: Part 2 : Self-sufficency (with land rights).

Tutu, Desmond (Bishop) 7 minute video address to the BIEN 11th Congress Cape Town South Africa favouring BI. After the historic Basic Income Earth Network Congress, which included Australia's BIGA website acceptance as a BIEN international affiliate, the BIEN Newsflash 42 November 2006 (PDF, 82KB) carries links on the proceedings and papers, including a summation by Philippe Van Parijs. The link to the moving short video presentation by Nobel Laureate BISHOP DESMOND TUTU Linked to another web site

Unemployed Workers Movement. (1979) The Guaranteed Minimum Income (PDF, 77KB). A pamphlet written and distributed by The Unemployed Workers Movement (Western Australia). First presented at the State Conference of UWU Perth 28/29 July 1979.

Unknown Author (1980) Should we abolish the Department of Social Security? (PDF, 101KB) IPA Review, 34 (4), 76-79. An ultra right view from 1980.

Van der Veen, R.J. (1998) Real Freedom versus reciprocity: Competing views on the justice of unconditional basic income. Political Studies, 46(1) 140-164. (Cited on this site at the "About Basic Income" page above.)

Van Parijs, P. (2000) Background briefing to BIEN Congress Berlin P. Van Parijs (PDF, 57KB)

VCOSS. (1995). 'Income Support in An Open Economy: Basic Income Revisited' (PDF, 451KB) 10 Proceedings papers from the 1995 Basic Income Seminar published by the Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS) and Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services. In order of appearance, the authors are Sue Jackson, Michael Raper, Peter Baldwin, Rob Watts, Belinda Probert, Bettina Cass, Peter Saunders, Jocelyn Pixley, John Tomlinson and David Knoop.

Watts, Rob. (1995). Unemployment and Citizenship : Reconstituting Social Policy in the Twenty First Century (PDF, 565KB) in Hicks, Richard (et al), Unemployment : developments and transitions, Bowen Hills: Australian Academic Press, pp.25-57.

Watts, Rob. (1995). After the White Paper : Renovating Social Policy in the 1990's (PDF, 287KB) in 1994 National Conference on Unemployment, Unemployment : challenges and solutions, Queensland University of Technology Carseldine Campus, pp.19-26.

Willis, Judith S (2005) Financial transitional labour markets: Factoring in unpaid work - do we need a Universal Basic income? (PDF, 412KB) This independently reviewed paper is part of a collection of papers that were presented and discussed at the Centre for Public Policy Transitions and Risk: New Directions in Social Policy conference (February, 2005). For information about this conference – or to access other papers from this event, please visit the conference website: Linked to another web site

Wiseman, John (1978) Book Review Power handout at the family centre? (PDF, 666KB) Arena, No 51 pp155-162

Wiseman, John (1991 Revised, provided to the ACOSS working group on Guaranteed Minimum Income) A Guaranteed Adequate Income Scheme for Australia in the 1990's: Proposals and Issues (PDF, 395KB)

Wiseman, John (2005) Power Point presentation to Conference: 'Other Worlds: Social Movements and the Making of Alternatives' (PPT, 108KB) Sydney, April 28-29. John Wiseman is Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University.

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